Magic in our daily life... What ist the meaning of magic ?? This question could fill pages and pages and books.... Just to give you a short idea Magic means that YOU take willingly control over your life and environment Youre will can take over control about all things that happen to you in your daily life There is nothing stronger than your thoughts and your real will..... There  is just one enemy... preventing that your will is coming true... your own doubts.... A magical ritual or for exampel a Talisman is giving your will a form, these forms are able to work against your doubts and hostile thoughts and help your will/wish come true.... Many of you are practicing magical rituals week by week without even knowing it. A Prayer for example is a kind of magic action... Your inner will is been canalised by the outer form of a prayer. As less doubts you have as faster a prayer becomes truth.... Magic has never been a question of religion, it doesnt matter if you believe in one god or many... the important fact is that you believe in your own power, your heart and your will. What can “Tailormade Magical Rituals” do for YOU ?? They are specially created for YOU and your unique problem. For exampel: “to find your real soulmate” “to help a beloved person” “to choose or fix any kind of love affairs” “to find a new JOB or clear out problems in your current one” They are easy to handle and to work with.... The magical rituals are personalized so of cause you can not “just download” them. Please contact us, tell us about your problem and we try to offer you a good affordable solution. The price for personalized Magical Rituals varies between 10$ - 150$ depending on the difficulties of the problem. Our magic traditions follow the hermetic ways which are the roots of all magic systems beginning in the old egyptian times, continuing in jewish Kabballah and christian Gnosis up to sufism.